Membership fees

The KWG has five different rates (per year; if you pay by direct debit you receive a € 2.50 discount):

  • normal: € 92.50
  • reciprocity members (see below): € 72.50
  • retirees and unemployed: € 47.50
  • AIOs / OIOs and students: € 37.50 (max. 4 years)
  • members without the magazin Nieuw Archief voor de wiskunde: € 52.50

In addition, the KWG offers mathematics students (including teacher trainees) a free one-year membership immediately after obtaining their bachelor's or master's degree. Every KWG member has the right to nominate a new member once a year, in which case the new member does not pay any membership fee for the first year. The AIO / OIO / student membership and the free introductory membership will be converted into a regular membership afterwards.

The membership year starts and ends on the day your application is received. Payment is preferably made by direct debit, in which case you will receive a € 2.50 discount on the membership fee. You can register directly as a member via the electronic form (in Dutch) or by sending an email (in English) to

Reciprocity Membership

If you are already a member of one of the following sister associations, you can claim a reduced rate of € 72.50.

In the Netherlands:

  • Association for Statistics and Operations Research
  • Dutch Association for Mathematics Teachers [NVvW]
  • Dutch Association for the Development of Arithmetic and Mathematics Education [NVORWO]


  • American Mathematical Society
  • Australian Mathematical Society
  • Belgian Mathematical Society
  • Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung
  • Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
  • Indian Mathematical Society
  • London Mathematical Society
  • Real Sociedad Matematica Española
  • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • Societé Mathématique de France
  • South African Mathematical Society

Conversely, at all these associations, KWG membership leads to a discount on the membership of these sister associations. The rule is that the discount is given for the association in the country where the member does not live. As a KWG member, for example, you are entitled to a reciprocity discount on your AMS membership fee, provided you do not live in the US. Conversely, as an AMS member you can get a reciprocity discount of 20 euros on your KWG membership fee, provided you do not live in the Netherlands.

Finally: As a member of the KWG you can become a member of the European Mathematical Society for half the price: € 25 (€ 50 normal)


Each member receives –if so desired– the magazine Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde and the Electronic Communications of the Royal Dutch Mathematical Society. A postage fee of € 10 will be charged for sending the Nieuw Archief abroad.

If you wish, you can also subscribe to the following items via the KWG:

  • Subscription to Pythagoras, a math magazine for young people: € 36.50 (- possibly € 2.50 for direct debit)
  • Subscription to Indagationes Mathematicae of the KWG: € 40 (strongly reduced rate; normal price € 68)