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1. Agenda
2. Colleges, voordrachten en cursussen
3. Examens 2016
4. Promotie
5. Vacature
1. Agenda
Van de met * aangeduide activiteiten vindt men bijzonderheden in de rubriek Colleges,
voordrachten en cursussen.


Utrecht: Mark Kac seminars
11.15-13 Antti Kupiainen (Helsinki);
Renormalisation Group and Stochastic PDE?s I:
Rough SPDE?s and Quantum Field Theory
14.30-16.15 Anders ?berg (Uppsala)
Phase transitions and uniqueness of g-measure
Location: Janskerkhof 15a
, rooms 202 (morning) and 101 (afternoon)
The Mark Kac seminar is supported by FOM and is an activity of the STAR
stochastics cluster. For abstracts of the lectures and further details, see our


RUG:? General colloquium
Speaker: prof.dr. H. van der Vorst
Time/location: 16-17 hr., room 51610267 (Bernouliborg)


Utrecht:? NMC2017
Call for Posters
Please send an
email with the poster title and the name(s) of the author(s).


Antwerp, Belgium:? Pre announcement WSC Spring Meeting 2017
The preliminary program can be found


*Amsterdam: The 8th General AMaMeF Conference on Mathematical Finance


Dijon (France): Summer School ?Current Topics in the Theory of Algebraic Groups?


Utrecht:? Fifth International Conference on the History of Mathematics Education (ICHME-5)
Call for papers!!
Registratie, website


Zeist:? Pre-announcement The forty-second Woudschoten Conference
email, website t.b.a


2. Colleges
, voordrachten en cursussen


The 8th General AMaMeF Conference on Mathematical Finance
Date/location: June 19-23, 2017, Amsterdam
AMaMeF is the acronym standing for Advanced Mathematical Methods in Finance. Under this name a research network has been funded by the ESF from 2005 to 2010 (and also by various national scientific organizations). Under the auspices of AMaMeF numerous conferences, workshops and other scientific activities have been organized. Of these the annual General AMaMeF Conferences have been the biggest.
After the end of the funding period, AMaMeF continued as an unfunded European scientific network and activities are still organized under its flag, like the General Conferences.
Plenary lectures will be given by Fred Espen Benth (University of Oslo),
Carole Bernard (Grenoble School of Management and Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Bruno Bouchard (Universit? Paris-Dauphine),
S?ren Christensen (University of Hamburg), Christa Cuchiero (University of Vienna), Paul Glasserman (Columbia University), Xin Guo (UC Berkeley),
Jan Obł?j (University of Oxford), and Mikl?s R?sonyi (Alfr?d R?nyi Institute of Mathematics).

The program further consists of other invited and contributed lectures and posters. Registration, submission of abstracts and further information on the

3. Examens in 2016


Mathematical Sciences
Master examens: 37

1.       Besten, Martijn den - Wilkie's Theorem and the Uniform Real Schanuel Conjecture.

2.       Boogert, Jan - Indoor Localization by UHF RFID Technology: An approach from probability and statistics.

3.       Bosschaert, Maikel - Switching from codimension 2 bifurcations of equilibria in delay? differential equations.

4.       Braak, Rudy ter - Macro-Level and Micro-Level Claims Reserving for Non-Life Insurances.

5.       Briels, Maud - Mathematical modeling of radiation induced atherosclerosis in ApoE(-/-) mice.

6.       Bruin, Erik - On propagation effects in Maritime Situation Awareness: Modelling the impact of North Sea weather conditions on the performance of AIS and coastal radar systems.

7.       Buurlage, Jan-Willem - Self-Improving Sparse Matrix Partitioning and Bulk-Synchronous Pseudo-Streaming.

8.       Dam, Alje van - Economic diversification as a percolation process.

9.       Dhawan, Arjun - Bayesian Inference of Phylogeny Using Variable Number of Tandem Repeats and Markov Chain Monte Carlo.

10.     Dielen, Lex -  The Performance of Corporate Bond Funds.

11.     Donselaar, Nils - Uniform Kan cubical sets as a path category.

12.     Giessen, David van der - Braid Floer Homology on Surfaces.

13.     Groot, Jesper de - Credit risk modeling using a weighted support vector machine .

14.     Haan, Pieter de - Poisson structures and convexity theorems.

15.     Hendrikx, Luuk - Floer Homology and Rabinowitz-Floer Homology.

16.     Hepkema, Tjebbe - Asymptotic analysis of nonlinear tides in Wadden systems - the role of momentum sinks.

17.     Hertog, Geert Jan den - Time-dependent principal components-based dimension reduction in multi-dimensional foreign exchange option pricing.

18.     Jacobs, Bas - Computation of Units in Number Fields.

19.     Korenberg, Stefan - Stochastic modelling of evolutionary processes.

20.     Kroes, Dani?l - The edge reconstruction conjecture for graphs.

21.     Kruseman, Anna - A Chebyshev-Galerkin method for inertial waves.

22.     Kurt, Hasan - Improving the Mondriaan vector distribution.

23.     Meer, Marjolein van der - Event-Driven Molecular Dynamics for Non-Convex Polyhedra.

24.     Nieraeth, Bas - Iwaniec's Conjecture on The Beurling-Ahlfors Transform.

25.     Nikolov, Georgi - Analysis of savings rate and deposit volume models for replicating portfolios of non-maturing accounts.

26.     Oomen, Margriet - Random Continued Fraction Expansions.

27.     Polman, Fabian - Calculating a Dutch Pension Fund's Capital Requirement for Longevity Risk.

28.     Post, Sander van der - On the reduction of train delays caused by external factors.

29.     Pranger, Willem - Flag manifolds and the Matsuki correspondence for semisimple Lie groups.

30.     Schevenhoven, Francine - Improving weather and climate predictions by Cross Pollination in Time.

31.     Schotel, Tom - Random maps and random β-expansions in two dimensions.

32.     Smit, Harry - Global field isomorphisms: a class field theoretical approach.

33.     Toussaint, Lauran - Existence of contact structures in all dimensions.

34.     Veldman, Dani?l - Degenerate Bogdanov-Takens bifurcations in Fusion Plasma models.

35.     Visee, Eveline - Second order velocity reconstruction on unstructured grids.

36.     Wennink, Tom - Counting the number of trigonal curves of genus five over finite fields.

37.     Wits, Abe - Estimating Aggregations over Joins.

4. Promotie


28-2? Michael Steindorf, Efficient Immutable Collections, Promotoren:
prof.dr. Paul Klint en prof.dr. Jurgen Vinju, Agnietenkapel, Oudezijds
Voorburgwal 229-231, 14u.

5. Vacature


PhD and postdoc

The Department of Mathematics of Radboud University Nijmegen is seeking outstanding, highly motivated researchers for the NWO VIDI Project:

On the edge: theory and techniques at the frontiers of edge-colouring,

under the direction of Dr. Ross Kang.

The PhD position is four years.
The postdoc position is one year, with a possible renewal.
Both positions offer competitive salary and benefits, including generous support for travel. There is a light teaching duty that may be carried out in English if necessary. For both, the expected starting date is
1 September 2017 (negotiable).

The project is in probabilistic and extremal combinatorics, and the goal is to develop and apply novel methods in the context of edge-colourings of graphs. The research has links with the theory of communication networks, random graphs and algorithms.

Application deadline: 16 March 2017

For more information, including details on the requirements and application procedure: PhD position, postdoc position

For informal inquiries, please contact Ross Kang.

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