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1. Agenda
2. Colleges, voordrachten en cursussen
3. Promotie
4. Vacatures
1. Agenda
Van de met * aangeduide activiteiten vindt men bijzonderheden in de rubriek
Colleges, voordrachten en cursussen.


*EURANDOM, Eindhoven: Workshop Networks: Probability, Combinatorics and Algorithms


Utrecht: CWG-Meeting
More information coming soon see the


*EURANDOM, Eindhoven: Workshop Community Detection and Network Reconstruction


Salzburg, Austria: 19th ÖMG Congress and Annual DMV Meeting



Utrecht:  Fifth International Conference on the History of Mathematics Education (ICHME-5)
Registratie, website


*EURANDOM, Eindhoven:  Workshop: Community Dectection and Network Reconstrucion


Zeist:  The Forty-second Woudschoten Conference
Registration is open. More information about the Woudschoten Conference in October can be found on the  website, email


*Lunteren:  The 46th annual meeting of the Dutch probability and statistics community

3/4-4 2018

Veldhoven: Announcement NMC 2018
The upcoming NMC will be a pilot under auspices of the Royal Dutch Mathematical Society (KWG). It will be a larger scale two day congress, offering a plenary program with internationally renowned mathematicians.


*Lisbon, Portugal: The 11th European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ECMTB 2018)




2. Colleges, voordrachten en cursussen

EURANDOM, Eindhoven

1) Workshop Networks: Probability, Combinatorics and Algorithms
Date/location: September 4th-8th, 2017, Eindhoven
The YEP workshop series is an annually recurring workshop aimed at Young (European) Probabilists, i.e., researchers at the PhD and Postdoc level in probability and related areas. This year, the topic of YEP XIV are Networks. Since networks are naturally at the interface between various different mathematical disciplines, this YEP will focus not only on purely probabilistic aspects, but also take a more combinatorial and algorithmic perspective. The workshop consists of two parts: the first part is three mini-courses about important recent developments. The second part consist of talks by young researchers. 

2) Workshop Randomness and Graphs: Processes and Structures
Date/location: September 11-15th, 2017, Eindhoven
Second workshop in the Stochastic Activity Month on NETWORKS.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers to discuss the latest developments in various topics at the interface of probability, combinatorics, and algorithms including amongst others:
- Random graphs and matrices
- Threshold phenomena
- Discrete random processes and algorithms on graphs

3) EURANDOM, Eindhoven

Workshop: Community Dectection and Network Reconstruction
Date/location: September 19th-22nd, 2017, Eindhoven
Third workshop in the Stochastic Activity Month on NETWORKS. Recent advances in the study of networks in the physics, mathematics and computer science communities have provided novel probabilistic tools to address various network-related problems of practical relevance. Two seemingly different, but actually intimately related, problems are community detection and network reconstruction. Community detection is the identification of groups of nodes that share some property (e.g., are densely connected with each other in a given real-world network). This seemingly simple task presents us with several computational and analytical challenges, even in very simple and idealized scenarios. Network reconstruction problems, on the other hand, attempt to infer features of a real-world network, of which only partial and/or aggregate information is available (e.g., inference from a sample of a subset of the network). 
These two broad classes of problems are conveniently tackled using random graph models that preserve some observed features of the real network, while providing a probabilistic estimate for the unobserved features. This workshops focuses on various aspects of community detection and network reconstruction. Emphasis will be put on the interdisciplinary nature of both problems, and contributions will highlight both the applied and the theoretical side. 


46th annual Lunteren Meeting of Dutch Statisticians and Probabilists
Date/location: November 13-15, 2017, in `De Werelt', Lunteren
The annual Meeting of Dutch Statisticians and Probabilists will take
place November 13-15, 2017, in `De Werelt' in Lunteren. Those who wish
to participate in the meeting - including those who will not stay
overnight - are kindly requested to register before October 1st.
For registration and detailed information see the
Organisers: Frank den Hollander, Marie-Colette van Lieshout, Aad van der Vaart.

Lissabon, Portugal

The 11th European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ECMTB 2018)
Date/location: July 23-24 2018, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal
The venue is the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon
and its research centre CMAF-CIO will host the event. This will be a main event of the YEAR OF MATHEMATICAL BIOLOGY (YMB), set up by European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ESMTB) and the European Mathematical Society (EMS). For that reason, ECMTB 2018 will, for the first time, be a joint ESMTB-EMS conference and will be co-organized by SPM (Portuguese Mathematical Society).


We invite all researchers and students interested in Mathematical and Theoretical Biology and its applications to join us on this exciting conference!
Registrations are now open on the
Conference webpage. Applications to Minisymposia, Contributed Talks and Posters are also opened and the corresponding abstract templates are available on the webpage.




Minisymposia application are now open!

Deadline: November 15, 2017

Acceptance Notification: January 15, 2018


Abstract submission for contributed talks and posters are now open!

Deadline: February 20, 2018

Acceptance Notification: April 2, 2018 


Payment of registration fees:

If you wish to benefit from the early bird lower fees, please register before

April 15, 2018. To stay updated on the latest news on the ECMTB 2018, follow us at on Facebook.


3. Promotie


5-10  Davy Landman, Empirical Studies of Limitations and Opportunities,
promotores: prof.dr. P. Klint, prof.dr. J.J. Vinju, Agnietenkapel,
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 229, Amsterdam, 10 u.

4. Vacatures


The University of Twente (UT) in Enschede, The Netherlands, is seeking
researchers with an outstanding record in Mathematics and its
Applications in Science and Engineering for a

      Faculty position in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

within the Department of Applied Mathematics.

We are looking for a highly talented research scientist, whose focus is on
the development, analysis and application of finite elements methods for
partial differential equations, which may also include inverse problems,
optimization and optimal control with partial differential equations. The
successful candidate is expected to have strong affinity with numerical
analysis and scientific computing. In addition, the capability to develop
collaborations between mathematics and the multi-disciplinary research
context at the University of Twente is important.

The position will be at the assistant professor level. Initially, the contract will be for one year. After a positive evaluation, the contract will be for an indefinite period. Criteria for promotion to the Associate Professor level comprise a strong track record of publications, evaluation of teaching capacities and a demonstrated ability to acquire research funding and to achieve an international network and reputation.

Applications (including curriculum vitae, list of publications, research and
teaching statement, and three names of potential references) can be sub­­mitted online at 
www.utwente.nl/vacatures/en/ before September 14, 2017 to the University of Twente, attn. Prof.dr. P.M.G. Apers, Dean of the
Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science. The
interviews with selected candidates are scheduled on 
September 27, 2017.

For more information please visit 
www.utwente.nl/vacatures/en/ or contact
Prof.dr.ir. J.J.W. van der Vegt (phone 
+31 534895628, email

MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA

We have openings for

four research scientists in computational arithmetic geometry

at MIT, funded by a Simons Collaboration Grant
between Boston University, Brown, Dartmouth, Harvard, and MIT.
For information about the collaboration, see our

These are 4-year positions that can start anytime between
September 1, 2017 and September 1, 2018.  For details on the positions 
and on the application procedure, please see our
The collaboration website will announce job openings at the other 
participating institutions as they become available.

Bjorn Poonen
Andrew Sutherland


UNSW, Sydney, Australia

A 2 year

      postdoctoral research-only position

in the area of  

      Additive Combinatorics and Number Theory

is now available at the UNSW, Sydney.

For more information see the webpage or go directly to application form.
The application deadline is 
1 October, 2017

Igor Shparlinski


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