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*Announcement NMC 2018*


The next Dutch Mathematical Congress (NMC) will be held in


Veldhoven, on April 3—4, 2018,


the two days following Easter 2018.


The upcoming NMC will be a pilot under auspices of the Royal Dutch Mathematical Society (KWG), inspired by the `Deltaplan Wiskunde'. It will be a larger scale two day congress, offering a plenary program with internationally renowned mathematicians.

In addition it aims at hosting many parallel activities of various Dutch mathematical subcommunities, including the research clusters and high school teachers. Minisymposia addressing themes of current interest to the math community are also

envisaged. An overnight stay will be included.


If successful, this pilot, supported by PWN, NWO and the research clusters, will be continued in a more structural fashion at a fixed location. We hope for your enthousiasm and support.


Please, save the dates!

On behalf of the board of the KWG,

Erik van den Ban


1. Agenda
2. Colleges, voordrachten en cursussen
1. Agenda
Van de met * aangeduide activiteiten vindt men bijzonderheden in de rubriek Colleges, voordrachten en cursussen.


*TUE:  1-day event Security in times of Surveillance


UU:  The 2017 Kan Memorial Lectures
Thursday, location: Pangea Lecturer Theater, Koningsberger building:
15 hr Tea
15.30-16.30 Colloquium lecture by
Ib Madsen (Copenhagen); The Algebraic Topology of Diffeomorphism Groups
16.30: Drinks in the library
Friday, location:
Hans Freudenthal building, room 611
11-12 and 15-16
two more lectures by Prof. Madsen.


Utrecht: Mark Kac seminar
11.15-13 Pierre Nolin (ETH Zürich)
Title: Near-critical percolation and self-organized criticality in two dimensions
Diego Garlaschelli (Leiden)
Title: Breaking of ensemble equivalence in networks


CWI:  Logic, Rationality and Common Sense – Workshop on the occasion of Jan van Eijck’s retirement
email, website


Amsterdam: NETWORKS: 1st International Conference
On 8 June a
public event is organized.


Amsterdam: The 8th General AMaMeF Conference on Mathematical Finance


*TUE: Crash course on post-quantum cryptography



Dijon (France): Summer School “Current Topics in the Theory of Algebraic Groups”


Eindhoven:  Vakantiecursus – De computer in de wiskunde: breekijzer of oud schroot?
e-mailadres, website


Amsterdam: Vakantiecursus – De computer in de wiskunde:

breekijzer of oud schroot?
e-mailadres, website


Utrecht:  Fifth International Conference on the History of Mathematics Education (ICHME-5)
Call for papers!!
Registratie, website


Zeist:  The Forty-second Woudschoten Conference
Participation is free of charge, but registration is obligatory. Register before May 5th by filling in the form on the


Colleges, voordrachten en cursussen

TUE:  1-day event Security in times of Surveillance
Date/location: Monday May 29th, 2017, Blauwe Zaal, Auditorium building
Speakers include:
Luca Allodi, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Daniel J. Bernstein, University of Illinois at Chicago and Technische Universiteit Eindhoven,
Bill Binney, Tim Jenkin, Arjen Kamphuis, Brunel Phil Rogaway, University of California, Davis Judith Sargentini, Member of the European Parliament for GroenLinks.

The Eindhoven Institute for the Protection of Systems and Information (Ei/PSI) organizes a 1-day event on Monday, May 29, 2017.

The event will take place at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Blauwe zaal
We also ask TU/e people to please register to be able to order catering facilities as precisely as possible. So if you decide not to come anyway after you registered, please let us know.
You can find general information and a link to the registration form on the


TUE: Crash course on post-quantum cryptography

Dates/location: June 22-23/Movie Theatre, Zwarte Doos

The ECRYPT-CSA project organizes a two-day executive school to give a crash course on post-quantum cryptography.

More information about the school is available at the website. .


Saartje Verheyen



3. Vacature

Bayreuth, Germany


In the context of a research project on "An explicit theory of heights for hyperelliptic Jacobians" for which we obtained funding from the German Science

Foundation (DFG), a PhD student position is available for 18 months in my group in Bayreuth, followed by another 18 months with Steffen Müller (who is

moving to Groningen). Details are available at



Please alert suitable students looking for a PhD opportunity to this possibility!


Michael Stoll


Michael Stoll * http://www.mathe2.uni-bayreuth.de/stoll/

Mathematisches Institut * Universität Bayreuth * 95440 Bayreuth, Germany

Michael.Stoll@uni-bayreuth.de * +49 (0)921 55-3387 / 3388 (Sekr.)


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