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1. Agenda
2. Colleges, voordrachten, cursussen
3. Promoties

4. Vacature
1. Agenda
Van de met * aangeduide activiteiten vindt men bijzonderheden in de rubriek
Colleges, voordrachten en cursussen.???????????



Eindhoven:? Intreerede Jurgen Vinju
Automatische software-analyse in context
Time/location: 16-18 hr,
Blauwe zaal Auditorium, TUE


UvA: Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry Seminar
Speaker: Giovanni Rosso, Eigenvarieties for non-cuspidal Siegel modular forms
Time/location: 16 hr, room F3.20, Science Park 105
Organizers: Arno Kret and Mingmin Shen



Utrecht:? Symposium on the History of Mathematics
Time/location: 13-15 hr, Ravesteinkamer (kamer 106), Kromme Nieuwegracht 80
Prof. Dr. Jesper L?tzen (Copenhagen)
Descriptive geometry in general and in particular in Denmark
Prof. Dr. Niccol? Guicciardini (Bergamo)
In search of a refugee: Giovanni Francesco Salvemini, aka Castiglione (1708-1791)
These lectures are followed by short presentations by Dutch historians of mathematics.


UvA: Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry Seminar
Speaker: Ariyan Jaranpeykar
Time/location: 16 hr, room F3.20, Science Park 105
Organizers: Arno Kret and Mingmin Shen



Eindhoven:? Stochastic Activity Month: "Probability and Analysis"
Organizer: Eurandom,
email, website.



UvA: Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry Seminar
Speaker: Lance Gurney, Witt vectors, Frobenius lifts and canonical lifts in families
Time/location: 16 hr, room F3.20, Science Park 105
Organizers: Arno Kret and Mingmin Shen



*UU:? Mini-workshop on Symplectic Geometry


Amsterdam:? BeNeLuxMC2016
Wordt onder auspici?n van het KWG, en in samenwerking met het Belgische en het Luxemburgse Wiskundig genootschap georganiseerd.



UU: ?Stafcolloquium
15-17 hr, Rachel Kuske (UBC)
Title and location to be announced
The colloquium takes place once every quarter, there will be refreshments


UvA:? Congres Leve de Wiskunde!
Website, e-mail


*UU:? The Big Picture - Workshop on the occasion of Jan Stienstra's retirement


Buşteni, Roemeni?:? European Girls Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO)
Organisator: Nederlandse Wiskunde Olympiade
Website, e-mail.


Eindhoven:? Benelux Wiskunde Olympiade (BxMo)
Organisator: Nederlandse Wiskunde Olympiade
Website, e-mail


Caen, France: 17th International Conference on Fibonacci
Numbers and Their Applications
Location: Universit? de Caen Normandie


Hong Kong, China:? Internationale Wiskunde Olympiade


*Berlin:? 7th European Congress of Mathematics (7ECM)


Berlin, Germany:? First Announcement: IMAGINARY Conference on Open and Collaborative Communication of Mathematical Research 2016 (IC16)
email, website


Paderborn, Germany:? Conference ?Dunkl operators, special functions, and harmonic analysis?
25 invited speakers
Organizing committee: Mourad Ismail (Orlando), Tom Koornwinder (UvA), Eric Opdam (UvA), Margit R?sler (Paderborn), Michael Voit (Dortmund)


Haarlem:? Brouwer-lezingenmiddag met als sprekers o.a. prof. dr. D. van Dalen en prof. dr. A.H.G. Rinnooy Kan.
Plaats: Hodshonhuis van de Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen


Bonn: 4th Heidelberg Laureate Forum
Information, email


Amsterdam:? One-day symposium ?L.E.J. Brouwer, fifty years later?
Location: Amsterdam Science Park
The symposium is organized under auspices of the KWG.
Organizers: Dirk van Dalen, Jan Willem Klop, Jan van Mill and Geurt Jongbloed.


2. Colleges, voordrachten, cursussen


1) Mini-workshop on Symplectic Geometry
Date: March 11th, 2016,
university campus Uithof of Utrecht University
This mini-workshop is aimed at researchers, PhD students, and advanced master's
students working in symplectic geometry and related areas. It is organized jointly
with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
This is the third workshop that we are organizing. These mini-workshops take place biannually.
The goal is to strengthen the symplectic community of the Netherlands and to connect it with abroad.
Topics include Hamiltonian dyna?mics, the symplectic embedding question, holomorphic curves, and Floer homo?logy.

The morning lectures will take place in the Buys Ballotgebouw (Princetonplein 5) in room BBG020
(ground floor). The afternoon lectures will take place in the same building in room BBG065
(ground floor). This building is located in the university campus Uithof of Utrecht University.

Oliver Fabert (VU Amsterdam), Fabian Ziltener (UU).
For any question please contact
Oliver Fabert and Fabian Ziltener.
Registration before March 3rd.
This mini-workshop is supported by the Universiteit Utrecht, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam,
NDNS+ and
Geometry and Quantum Theory Cluster. ?????????????????????????????

Claude Viterbo (ENS Paris)
Janko Latschev (Universit?t Hamburg)
Yaron Ostrover (Tel Aviv University)
Chris Wendl (University College London)

2) The Big Picture - Workshop on the occasion of Jan Stienstra's retirement
Date/time/location: Friday April 8th, 11-17 hr, 2016, Rodezaal, 
Ruppertgebouw, Uithof, Utrecht
Raf Bocklandt (UvA), Vasily Golyshev (Moscow), Anton Mellit (Trieste), Duco van Straten (Mainz)

Participation in this symposium is open and free to all interested, but registration is required. 

Please register by sending an
email as soon as possible.
Mention in this email "JS65".
Lunch (Yes or No; Also, if you have special dietary requirements, please let us know).

Organizers: Frits Beukers, Johan van de Leur, website.



7th European Congress of Mathematics (7ECM)
: July 18-22, 2016
The quadrennial Congress of the European Mathematical Society, organized
by the German Mathematical Society (DMV), the International Association of
Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM), the Research Center Matheon, the
Einstein Center ECMath and the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS).

The Plenary and Invited Speakers were selected by the
7ECM Scientific Committee.
We are happy to host the Abel Lecture, the Hirzebruch Lecture, a Public Lecture
as well as a Next Generation Outreach Lecture. We are looking forward to welcoming
all our speakers in 2016 at Technische Universit?t Berlin! For more detailed information
about the program and registration see the

Volker Mehrmann Email



3. Promoties


17-2? Jo?o N. Mestre Fernandes da Silva, Differentiable Stacks: Stratifications,
Measures and Deformations
, promotor prof.dr. M.N. Crainic, Academiegebouw
Domplein 29, 12.45 u.

22-2? Viktor N.E. Bl?sj?, Transcendental Curves in the Leibnizian Calculus,
promotor: prof.dr. J.P. Hogendijk, Academiegebouw Domplein 29, 16.15 u.

4. Vacature

The Faculty of Sciences, capacity group Mathematics and Statistics of Hasselt University, seeks a (m/f)


*Tenured academic staff / Tenure track lecturer*

??????????????? *Mathematical Analysis*

*Education task*
The candidate will be in charge of courses in the direction of

mathematical analysis, primarily in the bachelor

of Mathematics. He/she will also teach service courses (general

mathematical subjects) in various programs of UHasselt.


*Research mission*

The candidate will enforce the research capacity of the research

group Dynamical Systems and broaden or

deepen the existing expertise. The candidate?s expertise has

links with one or more research topics that are

central in the research group, like singular perturbations,

bifurcations, qualitative study of differential

equations, convergent and divergent normal forms. Scientific

collaboration in UHasselt and external

collaboration is expected.


Further information and requirements can be found in the

in the Dutch announcement of the vacancy at our website.

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