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Mededeling van het Bestuur
KWG Prize for PhD students, call for proposals

The KWG Dutch Mathematical Congress 2017 will be held on April 11 and 12

at the Uithof in Utrecht.  During the conference there will be lectures
of six PhD students in competition for the prize. The PhD prize award
ceremony will be part of the closing ceremony of the conference. The
winner of the award receives, besides the prestige attached to winning, a
challenge trophy and a monetary reward of 1000 euro. The prize money is made available by

This year the PhD prize competition is open to PhD students from all
universities in the Netherlands. The selection committee will be chaired
by Prof. dr. Dirk Siersma (UU).

The procedure to select candidates is as follows: we ask thesis advisors
to propose candidates to the selection committee. This can be done by
sending an email with an extended abstract (one or two pages) and a
short CV of each candidate to the following email address:
kwg.phd.prize@gmail.com. The deadline for proposals is January 29, 2017.

The selection committee will then review the proposals and narrow down the
list of candidates to six candidates who will be invited to give a
presentation of 20 minutes at the Dutch Mathematical Congress 2017 on
April 12 in the morning. From these six candidates the selection committee
will then select the prize winner. Criteria will be the quality of the
presentation, taking into account the apparent quality of the research.

Erik van den Ban, president KWG

1. Agenda

2. Promotie

3. Vacature


1. Agenda



Utrecht:Wintersymposium 2017 - Raakvlakken tussen Wiskunde en Informatica
Registratie, website


23/25-1 2017

Lunteren:16th Winter School on Mathematical Finance
Special topics:
- Polynomal models, Market imperfections
- Mini courses of 5 hours
- Special invited lectures
Location: Congrescentrum De Werelt


Amsterdam:Study Group Mathematics with Industry - SWI 2017
Registration, website


Utrecht:NMC2017, onder auspiciŽn van het KWG
Website: TBA



Dijon (France): Summer School ďCurrent Topics in the Theory Algebraic GroupsĒ


2. Promotie


25-1-2017†† Thije van Barneveld, Relocation Algorithms for Emergency Medical Services,
promotors: prof.dr. Rob van der Mei (CWI/VUA), prof.dr. Sandjai Bhulai
(VUA), De Boelenlaan 1105, 11.45 uur

4. Vacature

United Kingdom

University of Edinburgh

Lectureship in Technology Enhanced Science Education
(starting August 2017, three year fixed term tenure track position).

Website for a detailed information.

Informal enquiries may be made to Professor Chris Sangwin (Chair of Technology
Enhanced Science Education)


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