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1. Agenda
2. Colleges, voordrachten en cursussen
3. Promotie
4. Vacatures

1. Agenda
Van de met * aangeduide activiteiten vindt men bijzonderheden in de rubriek
Colleges, voordrachten en cursussen.?????????????????




Chiang Mai, Thailand:? Internationale Wiskunde Olympiade


VUA:? European meeting of Statisticians
The program consists of invited and contributed lectures, and posters, addressing a full range of subjects in statistics and its many applications.

Sponsored by the European Regional Committee of the Bernoulli Society. Website



*Utrecht:? Workshop CHAE: Challenges in Authenticated Encryption


Oxford, UK:? Young Researchers in Mathematics Conference 2015 (YRM2015)



Amsterdam, CWI:? Vakantiecursus 2015 ? Dit is triviaal
Website, e-mail


Eindhoven: Vakantiecursus 2015 ? Dit is triviaal
Website, e-mail


Hay-on-Wye, UK: LMS-CMI Research School ?Diophantine Equations?
The course will take the format of three 6-hour mini-courses, supported by exercise classes.
Website, email


Eindhoven:? Finale Nederlandse Wiskunde Olympiade 2015
Organisator: Nederlandse Wiskunde Olympiade.

Website, email.


Warwick, UK:? Workshop Non-Reversible Markov Chains for Monte-Carlo Sampling
Organizers: Joris Bierkens and Gareth Roberts
Workshop description:
Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods are of fundamental importance to various scientific fields, such as statistics, statistical physics, molecular dynamics and machine learning.
Keynote speakers: 
- Grigoris Pavliotis, Imperial College London, UK 
- Chii-Ruey Hwang, Academia Sinica, Taiwan 
- Marija Vucelja, The Rockefeller University Center, New York,
? USA 
- Ravi Montenegro, UML, USA 
- Luc Rey-Bellet, University of Massachusetts, USA 
- Natesh Pillai, Harvard University, USA 
- Alexandros Beskos, University College London, UK 
- Michael Betancourt, University of Warwick, UK 
- Tony Leli?vre, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech
Registration is now open for the CRiSM workshop.
Those wishing to present a poster of their research, are welcome to submit a poster abstract
Website, email


Bordeaux, France: Elliptic Curve Cryptography 2015 (ECC 2015)
Dates: Summer school:
September 23-25
September 28-30
Website, email


Zeist:? Vooraankondiging 40-ste Woudschotenconferentie
Keynote speakers:
Margot Gerritsen (Stanford University, VS),

Des Higham (University of Strathclyde, Engeland), Tamara G. Kolda (Sandia National Laboratories, VS), Cleve Moler (MathWorks, VS),

Philip L. Roe (University of Michigan, VS), Gerhard Wanner (Universit? de Gen?ve, Zwitserland).



Institut Henri Poincar?, Paris:  Celebration of the 25th anniversary of the European Mathematical Society
"Challenges for the next 25 years"
Speakers: Hendrik Lenstra (Leiden, the Netherlands), Laure Saint-Raymond (ENS Paris, France), L?szl? Lov?sz (Budapest, Hungary), and Andrew Stuart (Warwick, UK).


*Leiden:? Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest


TUD:? Automatic sequences, number theory, aperiodic order
Speakers include:
Boris Adamczewski (Marseille), Michael Baake (Bielefeld), Henk Bruin (Vienna), Alan Haynes (York),Steve Hurder (Chicago), Hendrik Lenstra (Leiden), Stefano Marmi (SNS Pisa), Robert Osburn (Dublin), Michel Rigo (Liege), Jeff Shallit (Waterloo), Joern Steuding (Wurzburg), Reem Yassawi (Trent U, Peterborough).
Website, email.


Utrecht:? Symposium Gerard Sleijpen 65
Organisatoren: Rob Bisseling en Paul Zegeling (UU), Martin van Gijzen (TUD), Rob Stevenson (UvA)


Eindhoven:? Prijsuitreiking Nederlandse Wiskunde Olympiade 2015
Organisator: Nederlandse Wiskunde Olympiade
Website, email.


Landelijk:? Wiskunde B-dag
Organisator: Freudenthal Instituut
Website, e-mail.


Amsterdam:? BeNeLuxMC2016


UvA:? Congres Leve de Wiskunde!
Website, e-mail


Hong Kong, China:? Internationale Wiskunde Olympiade




2. Colleges, voordrachten en cursussen




Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest

Datum: zaterdag 24 oktober, 2015
Het jaarlijkse algoritmische programmeerwedstrijd voor studententeams uit de Benelux (BAPC) vindt plaats in Leiden, georganiseerd in samenwerking met studievereniging De Leidsche Flesch. Per hoger onderwijsinstelling kunnen tot drie teams afgevaardigd worden om mee te doen.
Meer informatie op de website:
website, email.
Georganiseerd door: Stichting FMA in samenwerking met De Leidsche Flesch.



Workshop CHAE: Challenges in Authenticated Encryption
Date/location: Friday July 17th, 2015,
Vergaderruimte Utrecht, Pieterskerkhof 23, 3512 JS Utrecht

Technical University Eindhoven organizes a one-day workshop in Utrecht to publicly identify critical ongoing challenges in authenticated encryption, looking beyond the CAESAR competition. This is a workshop in the classic sense, featuring intense interactive discussions among serious people, strictly limiting the amount of time used for lectures, and keeping laptops closed.

Early-registration deadline is this Friday 3 July. Funding from ECRYPT-CSA allows free registration until the early-registration deadline, so register quickly! For more information see the website.

The following invitees have confirmed their participation:

?       Carlos Cid (Royal Holloway University of London, UK)

?       Joan Daemen (STMicroelectronics, Belgium, and Radboud Universiteit Netherlands)

?       Orr Dunkelman (University of Haifa, Israel)

?       Kenny Paterson (Royal Holloway University of London, UK)

?       Christian Rechberger (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Denmark)

?       Patrick Schaumont (Virginia Tech, USA)

?       Adi Shamir (Weizmann Institute, Israel)

The workshop is open to interested parties on a space-available basis. Funding from ECRYPT-CSA allows
free registration until the early-registration deadline. There is a separate registration page.

The workshop will begin at 10:00 and conclude at 17:00.

Organizer: Daniel J. Bernstein: University of Illinois at Chicago, USA,
and Technical University Eindhoven.


************************************************************************** 3. Promotie


24-8 Keith Myerscough, Correcting Numerical Simulations for Known Expec?ta?tions, promotor: prof.dr.ir. J.E. Frank (UU), Academiegebouw, 16.15 u.



4. Vacatures


1. Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) invites excellent postdoctoral researchers to apply for a

Tenure track position in Life Sciences.

The young and lively Life Sciences group at CWI performs fundamental re?search on algorithms, theory, models and simulations on topics from the Life Sciences.
The core themes of the group are biomodeling and biosystems analysis, combi?natorial algorithms for computational biology, computational genomics, medi?cal informatics, neuroinformatics and scientific computing for systems bio?logy.

As a researcher at CWI Amsterdam you are expected to perform fundamental and application-oriented research, to supervise Ph.D. students, to participate in or lead research projects together with other academic institutes or in?dustry, and to acquire external funding. You are able to work as an inde?pen?dent researcher who can set his/her own research agenda, as demonstrated by previous post-doctoral work experience. You can connect to current research at CWI while at the same time bringing in substantial new expertise.

We are looking for a candidate who is demonstrably an expert in the field of
mathematics/computer science/computational science for the Life Sciences. The candidate is willing to cooperate within the Life Sciences group and CWI and to build up interdisciplinary collaborations with researchers in the Life Sciences, e.g., with experimental biologists. A preference will be given to candidates who convincingly show how they strengthen existing core themes of the group or build bridges between them.

For more information, see the


2. North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus)
Faculty Of Natural Sciences,
School Of Computer, Statistical And Mathematical Sciences 

Vacancy: Professor In Applied Mathematics (Permanent - Fulltime)
Position Number: PC03535

* Research and supervision of postgraduate students
* Teaching of postgraduate and undergraduate students
* Organisational and management tasks

Minimum requirements:

* A PhD in Applied Mathematics
* A proven research record extending over ten to fifteen years
* Ten to fifteen years' experience in postgraduate teaching (MSc and PhD)

Other competency requirements:
* Experience in LaTex, MATLAB, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Enquiries: Prof. GJ Groenewald
+27 18 299 2560
Closing Date: 31 July 2015
For Application Forms: Send an
e-mail (please mention POSITION NUMBER: PC03535).
Submission Of Application: Completed application forms can be sent to the following
email or faxed to +27 87 231 5515.


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