Directions and local info..

Directions and hotel information


BeNeLuxMC will take place at the main building of the Science Faculty of the University of Amsterdam, Science Park 904, during the days, and at the Royal Tropical Institute in the evening of March 22.

How to get there by public transport

From Belgium or Luxembourg, travel to Amsterdam Central Station. From there travel by train to Amsterdam Science Park train station and from there walk 400m through the railway tunnel to Science Park 904 on your right hand.

If you arrive by train at Amsterdam Amstel station or at Amsterdam Muiderpoort station, from there take bus number 40 to get to Amsterdam Science Park. Local transport within Amsterdam (buses and trams) requires an OV chip card. You can buy one at Amsterdam Central Station for the duration of your stay (there are two-day tickets for 12 euro, see the GVB website), or you can buy single trip tickets in the bus. The latter may be more expensive, depending on how many trips you take during the two days of the congress.

How to get there by car

It is strongly advised not to travel by car to Science Park, as parking space is limited and expensive. If you decide to travel by car to the Amsterdam area anyway, it is advised to park your car at the Park and Ride area of station Weesp (free parking) and take the train to station Amsterdam Science Park from there. The train ride is only 7 minutes and there are 4 trains per hour.

How to get from Science Park 904 to the Royal Tropical Institute

Take bus number 40 from Science Park Amsterdam stop to Kruislaan stop and from there take tram number 9 in the direction of the city to Amsterdam Alexanderplein (the 6th stop from Kruislaan stop).
Alternatively, take the train from Station Science Park to Station Muiderpoort, and walk from there to the Royal Tropical Institute (10 to 15 minute walk).


Amsterdam has a lot of hotels in a wide price range. Conveniently located with respect to Science Park is Casa 400. Next to the Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen, where the evening program will be held, there is also the Amsterdam Tropen Hotel.