SWI 2002

Studiegroep wiskunde met de industrie 2002
Study group Mathematics with industry 2002

From 18 till 22 February 2002 the University of Amsterdam and the Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica will host the 42nd European Study Group with Industry. It will be the fourth Study group in the Netherlands.


General information about the Study group.

Proceedings of the SWI 1998, Leiden
Proceedings of the SWI 1999, Eindhoven
Proceedings of the SWI 2002, Amsterdam

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SWI 2002 Press room

This programme is supported by ITW (Industrial and Applied Mathematics), ECMI (European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry), the University of Amsterdam and CWI . The Technology Foundation STW contributes as a part of the joint STW/EW programme Wiskunde Toegepast.


dr. G. M. Hekdrs. M.F.M. Nuyens
dr. M.A. Peletier drs. B. Planqué
ir. H. vd Ploeg drs. G.M. Terra

Contact address

dr. M.A. Peletier
Kruislaan 413
P.O. Box 94079
1090 GB Amsterdam

Phone: (+31) 20 592 9333
Fax: (+31) 20 592 4199
E-mail: mark.peletier@wiskgenoot.nl



This is a partial programme of the week. A more detailed one will follow.

Monday February 18 10:00 Welcome with coffee at the Euclides building, KdV Institute.
10:45 Opening
11:00Artis' aquarium
11:30Philips coding
13:30Phytocare's roses
14:15Magma chips
14:45NIOZ climate reconstruction
15:30Group discussions.
18:00ECMI Borrel at the UvA
Tuesday February 19 9:00 - 15:00 Group discussions.
16:00 - 18:00 The CAVE and drinks at CWI.
Wednesday February 20 9:00 - 18:00Group discussions.
Thursday February 21 9:00 - 18:00Group discussions.
18:30Dinner and After-dinner-lecture by Chris Budd at Haesje Claes.
Friday February 22 9:00 - 14:45Presentation of the results:
9:00Artis' aquarium
10:45Philips coding
13:15Magma chips
14:00NIOZ climate reconstruction
14:45Tea and closing

List of participants

The list of participants can be found in the proceedings (see below).

Hotel accommodation

The organisation hopes that many participants from outside Amsterdam will stay in one of the selected hotels, since this will create a good and creative atmosphere.
For hotel accomodation, please contact the organisation. Then you may benefit from a 10% reduction on hotel costs.

If you can't arrange financial support from your institution or university, you are encouraged to send us beforehand a request for payment of the hotel costs. However note that you may be asked to share a room with another participant.

How to reach the Euclides building

Here you can find out how to reach the Euclides building of the Korteweg-de Vries Institute, where the welcome of the Study group will take place.


The proceedings are available in digital form in postscript and PDF formats.

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