Studiegroep Wiskunde met de Industrie
The next Study Group in the Netherlands, SWI2007, the 58th ESGI, will be held at Universiteit Utrecht from January 29 to February 2, 2007. Specific information about this Study Group can be found at the SWI2007 site.

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Purpose of the Study Group

The Study Group is an industrial/academic week where mathematics is used to tackle industrial problems. This concerns a national (European) initiative that is supported by STW/EW in the Netherlands. We would like to invite you to participate in this event.

At the University of Oxford a small group of mathematicians started in the sixties to organize meetings where industrial scientists met academics working in (applied) mathematics. These "Oxford weeks" have grown to a large gathering on a yearly basis of mathematicians and other academics working on problems brought to them by people from the outside world. Mostly industrialists but sometimes people from governmental institutions or other. These European Study Groups with Industry are organized by different universities in the UK and similar weeks have been organised in Australia (MISG), the States (RPI Workshop) and other countries.

Success factors
The success of a study group can be attributed to a number of reasons, for example:
* they help foster contacts between academia and industry, sometimes leading to research contracts,
* they frequently lead to challenging new research areas, which have a direct bearing on physical problems,
* they are an excellent source of research topics for graduate students (as well as academics),
* they allow companies to become acquainted with students and evaluate them for future employment,
* the obvious reasons of the company wanting a problem solved,
* pleasure of working with enthusiatic colleagues.

The participants are free to join any of the problem sessions or serve more projects with their expertise.

Set-up of the Study Group

The Study Groups take one week with: Alongside the problem-solving activities, expository lectures covering some important areas of modern applicable mathematics will be given during the afternoons.

Research workers from industrial and commercial concerns are invited to present one of their current technical problems for study in working sessions with leading specialists from the academic community. Problems may come from a wide variety of subject areas, but should be amenable to mathematical modelling and analysis. In a week of brainstorming and mathematical modelling there is usually enough time to generate and reject many ideas for solving the problem, and usually some of the idea's are checked in more detail. The real research may only start afterwards, for which useful contacts are made with the acedemics to work together if needed. The meeting helps to further establish links between industry and academia and in particular to encourage the greater use of mathematical modelling in industry.

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This programme is supported by ITW (Industrial and Applied Mathematics) and ECMI (European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry). The Technology Foundation STW contributes as a part of the joint STW/EW programme Wiskunde Toegepast.