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The Dutch Mathematical Society, the Wiskundig Genootschap, has the distinction of being the oldest of all present-day national mathematical societies. Founded in 1778, it still carries its 18th century motto, Untiring labor overcomes all. In all other respects, the Society has adapted to the 21st century. It now serves as the professional organization of all Dutch-speaking individuals whose activities are somehow related to mathematics.

The Society organizes a variety of conferences and symposia focused at different groups of mathematicians. The Dutch Mathematical Congress is an annual two-day conference that attracts a large part of the Dutch mathematical community. Once every three years, the Brouwer Medal is awarded during the congress to a prominent mathematician. The Winter Symposium is aimed at high school teachers. The Section for Industrial and Applied Mathematics organizes the Fall Symposium and the Study Group with Industry.

The Society publishes the Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde, a quarterly for all of its members with a famous problem section, and Pythagoras, a magazine for high school students. This website provides information on the history and the current activities of the Society, and maintains a calendar for the mathematical events taking place in the Netherlands. The WG has reciprocity agreements with the American, Australian, Belgian, French, German, Indian, London and South-African mathematical societies, with the Netherlands Society for Mathematics Teachers, and with the Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research.


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